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Amy De Santo
Please pray for the members of my virtual pet loss support group, which I recently joined after losing my cat Sweetpea on March 19th, as well as those who have lost pets but aren't aware such groups exist. There are so many stories of pain and regret, but always, ALWAYS love. For many, this is the only place they feel truly understood and able to speak about their losses. Still, it takes time. Some members have been going for a year. I also pray that society starts to see grieving in a healthier way--as a natural part of life, rather than something to be done alone in secret.
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Janet Cohen
Please pray for my friend Stacie Ciancarelli who recently came down with COVID19 after caring for her now deceased mother.
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Kathleen Saliba
Please for any member of Miriam Circle and any church member who are facing personal family health issues. Also, lets pray for anyone who may be suffering from some form of depression during this health crisis.
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