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Church School

Welcome to the Children's Page!

At Trinity we are committed to teaching children about the love of Jesus Christ. We use curriculum that is based on the Bible and use age appropriate Bibles so that Scripture is accessible for our children. We would love to have your child come join us!

What you can expect on a Sunday morning:

Preschool (Birth-K)

Nursery Care: Birth—2 Years

The nursery is under the supervision of adult volunteers. It is equipped with its own rest room and changing table as well as age-appropriate toys.

Child Care: 2 years—3 years

The two and three year olds teacher will read a story, do a simple craft, and provide a snack.

Older Children: 4 years-Kindergarten

Children will learn about God’s plan for the created world and the human community through curriculum activities that include the reading of Bible stories, children’s literature, art, music and movement, in addition to many other activities.

A few helpful hints:

Sign-in Sheet: Please complete the sign-in sheet before leaving your child with the child care worker and list any special instructions.

Personal Diaper Bag: Bring diapers, bottles, snacks, etc., in a diaper bag clearly labeled with your child’s name.

Snacks and Food Allergies: Please tell us if your child has food allergies.

Release of Children: Children will be released into the care of a parent or other designated adult. We will release a child to an older sibling only with parental consent.

Elementary (Grades 1-6)

Kindergarten through sixth graders begin their morning attending the worship service with their parents.

Children are then dismissed from worship and escorted by adult shepherds to their classrooms in Witherspoon Center.

Children will learn about God’s Work through creative and innovative programming. Our teachers help bring God's words to life through Art, Drama, Science, Music, Movement and Media.

Children's Singing and Ringing Choirs

Visit the music page to learn about children's music opputrunites and to view the rehearsal schedule.