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Beth Krchnavek
I would like prayers for healing for my mother, Joyce Pfeiffer. She fell and broke a bone in her pelvis in 2 places. This happened about 4 weeks ago and an X-ray today shows no significant healing. She is not able to walk and is becoming very weak, in spite of physical and occupational therapy. Thanks for any prayers that you can send her way.

Trudie Levins

Emily Carter
My former friend and former coworkers husband died in an accident last weekend leaving behind his wife (Alyssa) and their two very young daughters (6 years old and 18 months). (I believe are their ages). The happy couple were barely in their early 30s. Please pray for strength comfort guidance and faith and wisdom and whatever else you think will help them during these difficult times.

Kathy Hunter Eddleman
Asking for prayers for my sister Nancy McIlvain, recently diagnosed with colon cancer.

Kathy Hunter Eddleman
Prayers for my sister Nancy McIlvain who is battling colon cancer.

My uncle is in urgent need for prayers he was flown to Jefferson last night with a tear in his abdominal aortic aneurysm…. I don’t know the whole story but there’s been complications. Please pray for him his girls and his siblings (my mom included)