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Sunday, 9:30 am

What to expect on Sunday mornings

We are excited that you want to know more about our worship services here at Trinity and we sincerely hope you will visit us. Our 9:30 service is traditional and most people come dressed in business attire. Typically our service lasts for an hour.

When you enter through the main front doors you will be in the narthex (which is similar to the foyer in a home). You will be greeted and then introduced to a member of our Courtesy Council who can answer any questions you may have about worship, church school or nursery care. Nametags are available for those who choose to wear them. As you enter the sanctuary, one of our ushers will give you a weekly bulletin which contains everything you need to know about the day’s service, as well as important announcements and upcoming events for the week ahead.

Childcare and Children in Worship

Infants-Kindergarten are cared for in classrooms below the sanctuary. They may be dropped off before the service begins. Ushers can direct you to these classrooms. Children are always welcome in worship, but chances are they will have more fun learning about the love of Jesus Christ through the dynamic ministry of our church school. During the passing of the peace (which takes place about 10 minutes into the service), children will be invited to meet our church school shepherds at the back of the sanctuary, who will escort them to our Christian Education building - Witherspoon Center - located in the rear of the parking lot. Children are picked up by their parents in Witherspoon at 10:45 am.

Details about the service

Shortly before the service begins there is a time for brief announcements followed by a musical prelude, which is meant to be a time of quiet reflection to help prepare our hearts and minds for worship. When prayers, readings, or hymns are preceded by an asterisk it is an invitation for all who are able to please stand. Some of our readings are said responsively, which means the congregation is invited to read aloud whatever is printed in bold. When we pray the Lord’s Prayer together, please note that we say “debts and debtors” instead of “trespasses and those who trespass against us.” Before singing each hymn, our organist will first play through one entire verse in order to familiarize the congregation with the tune of that hymn. Each service concludes with a musical postlude.


The first Sunday of each month, we celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion, which follows the sermon. The congregation remains seated as our Elders serve the bread (individual cubes of bread) and then the cup (individual cups of grape juice). All who are baptized in the Christian faith are welcome to receive communion.

Come for coffee!

Immediately after the service all are invited for a coffee hour held in our fellowship hall. Our Courtesy Council members and our pastors will be available to answer any questions you may have about our church family and will introduce you to other members of our community of faith. We hope you will visit us soon!